R.I.P. Eddy Warburton

As  many of you will know, we lost a dear friend last week.  Eddy Warburton suffered a fatal heart attack on Jan 25th while attending our rideout to Westminster City Council’s meeting at The Old Marlyebone Town Hall.

He was a passionate supporter of the campaign and a life-long biker.  He was with us from the start and would always have a big smile on his face as he rode his, ever imaculate, ural combination on many of our demos.

He was also a long time supporter of another organisation, giving up his time for over 25 years, for the Hillingdon Narrowboat Association, who have made their tribute here: http://www.hna.org.uk/

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  Our thoughts go to his family and friends who loved him dearly.  His memory lives on in all of us, particularly for his son Phil who is also a keen biker and will always have his dad riding alongside.


Ride on brother, ride on…

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