Below are our answers to some common questions we get asked.

Why should we go to the demos?

The more people who turn out the better.  If Westminster City Council see numbers rising at the demo’s then it will keep them on their toes.  If they see numbers falling then they will claim support is fading and we are no longer worthy of consideration – so come along and bring a friend.

Councils are always dreaming up new ways to tax us. At the end of the day all these campaigns and consultations just get ignored don’t they?  Why is this campaign any different?

Councils often do dream up new ways to tax us and some councils try their hardest to ignore, belittle, crush or marginalize people who oppose them.

The reason this campaign is different is because Powered Two Wheeler users, unlike so many other demographic groups, are more willing to stand up for themselves against such onslaughts. Over the years motorcyclists have fought, and won, on many issues, including proposed power limits, compulsory plastic leg protectors for all bikes and charges for toll bridge crossings, plus many more. Few transport groups can match motorcyclists’ success rate in opposing legislators’ attempts to mess with them.

This campaign is different because of the tenacity and persistence of the motorcycling community. We simply will not be beaten into submission.

What’s so bad about charging motorcycles to park when cars have to pay?

Rather than asking why shouldn’t bikes pay, ask yourself why should cars pay?

Cars should pay because:

  • They pollute
  • They congest
  • They take up a large amount of road or kerb space
  • They cause significant wear and tear to road surfaces
  • They demand large-scale and complex parking infrastructures to accommodate them
  • Their use needs to be controlled and/or discouraged

Motorcycles/Scooters however:

  • Do not pollute as much as cars,
  • Do not congest at all,
  • Do not take up large amounts of road or kerb space,
  • Do not cause wear and tear to road surfaces,
  • Do not require large-scale and complex parking infrastructures to accommodate them,
  • Their use needs to be encouraged and promoted as an alternative to both cars and the already overburdened public transport system.

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

A – 42 (see Douglas Adams, Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy)

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