Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Who We Are

We are a non-political action group representing motorcyclists and scooter riders who object to illegitimate introduction of parking levies by Westminster City Council and any other authorities.

Our Mission

The complete withdrawal of all parking taxes levied on motorcyclists and scooter riders and a full refund of all fees paid to date by riders who had no other option but to pay them.

Action Plan

We have challenged this parking charge by making the views of riders known through a legal challenge (thank you for your donations), regular protests, lobbying, legal direct action and official objections.


We organise regular protests on the streets of London.  Protests with purpose.  For details of our next protest visit the forum. We hope to see you at the next one!

Direct Lobbying

We have lobbied councillors directly to overturn this experiment and to advise them of the weakness of the argument regarding the purported benefits. We have brought to the councillors attention the bad feeling this is creating among both their residents and commuters who greatly add to the Westminster Council economy.

Answering our critics

The main criticism apparently being levelled at our opposition to this scheme is that of: “Car drivers have to pay, so why shouldn’t bikes?”, to which our response is:

  1. There is a severe shortage of car parking spaces – the small area taken up by a motorcycle is a very efficient use of roadside. At least 8 bikes can be parked in the same space leaving potentially 7 car spaces unused – this should be encouraged and not taxed.
  2. PTWs (Powered Two Wheelers) reduce the overall congestion in a city and so their use should be promoted and not discouraged with an immoral levy.
  3. Motorcyclists are a hardy bunch travelling exposed to the elements and at higher risk of injury than 4 wheel road users. Ask critics if they would consider changing to 2 wheels and you are likely to get a negative response.