Write to your MP and Local Councillors

One way to inform other elected officials of the resentment to the bike parking tax is to contact the MP and Local Councillors that represent you. (Supposedly!) However, some of them do listen and do write back, the more members within Parliament and Local Authorities we can inform about the wicked ways of Westminster City Council and especially Cllr Danny “experimental” Chalkley and the inconvenience and distress their parking tax is having on the public, let’s expose Westminster Council’s “dirty tricks”.

To write to your MP and Local Councillors the easiest way is to use the web service called “Write to them” click on the link here: http://www.writetothem.com this will take you through to the website, enter your postcode this will then find the elected officials that represent you in your area, then it will give you an opportunity to select your representatives to write to, follow these steps, you will then receive a response (if they are decent) from your elected officials to your letter. Keep pressing them on the issue and inform them that you will not stand for such stealth taxes, blatant revenue raising exercises and a policy which is a deterrent to a very intelligent mode of transport.

Two wheels should be encouraged, we are the solution NOT the problem. This form of action will just raise the issue with MP’s and Local Councillors further afield, plus they will realise just how much the level of resentment is against Westminster City Council and in particular Councillor Danny Chalkley (The spear-head of the parking tax).


Let us know how your correspondence with your elected official goes below, comment below or contact us here with any revelations and information.